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Written by Brahma Kumari Pari, LL.B (Hons)(Lon), LL.M, Ph.D.

From 1996 onwards I had seen visions which showed me that I have to play my role outside the 
Brahma Kumaris, later, with others on the world stage. At that time, I did not want to leave the Brahma Kumaris because I was a BK following the yogi disciplines/maryadas very strictly. Then, at the beginning of 2001, I stopped going to the Brahma Kumaris regularly. I am now trying to play my role, with others on the world stage, for world unity etc. Thus, I have created this web-page where I can place the links to other forums and web-sites which are involved with the Aliens, Reptilians, other religions and religious movements, world transformation, etc. The links to other mapmaker web-sites are also here. Links to the Brahma Kumarisother Confluence Aged groups etc are also placed here.     

For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using.These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.     

This page is also meant to introduce the other people who play the roles of the mapmakers, like how I do. There are many different types of mapmakers. Some are the Confluence Aged spiritual mapmakers. Others are the Copper Aged mapmakers who continue to play their roles now, at the end. I have begun a discussion on the mapmakers at:

1. Mapmaker 

2. Part 51 - Aliens, UFOs and Parallel Universes - Mapmakers 

One will only be able to play their Copper Aged mapmaker role well, after being introduced to the Confluence Aged knowledge. I am also introducing the Confluence Aged knowledge (while I relate history and explain the myth, ancient structures, etc). However, in many articles, I relate history more than the Confluence Aged knowledge.

The Copper Aged mapmakers relate history through using the myths, ancient written texts, ancient structures etc. Historians would find it very difficult to relate the true history because:

1. the Mid-Confluence Aged people were using ‘roles’. Many people, from different times, used these roles. Sometimes, roles were used for only short periods of time. History was recorded based on the ‘roles’ that were used by the ancient people.

2. the Mid-Confluence Aged people were involved with the Quantum Dimensions. The myths, and other stuff that were left behind, were also indicating the longer life-span of those who travelled into the future so as to continue playing their roles.

3. the Mid-Confluence Aged people were involved with life-dramas. History was also related based on these life-dramas.

4. there were 2 different cycles of time for the gods and the mortals (since the gods were supposed to be immortals). What was left behind was based on both of these 2 different cycles of time.

5. the Aryans and Anaryans were trying to confuse each other (during the Aryan-Anaryan battle) in the Mid-Confluence and Copper Age. The Aryan-Anaryan categorization was brought into the Copper Age because of the Aryan-Anaryan war. During the later part of the Mid-Confluence, and in the Copper Age, the Anaryans were trying to mess everything up so as to confuse and ruin what the Aryans were doing. This was also a reason why, in the Hindu myths, it has been portrayed that the demons were not allowing the priests etc to carry out their Yagyas etc. At the same time, even the Aryan deity souls were trying to make sure that the Anaryans do not become spiritually powerful. The Aryan deity souls were also trying to make sure that the Anaryans were not successful in their attempts to become Indra, etc. Thus, the Aryan deity souls were alsoconfusing everything up, so as to confuse the anaryans. All these had begun the ‘confusion’ which brought the myths and ancient written texts into a more confused state.

It is only the Copper Aged mapmakers who will be able to relate history, quite well, through using the ancient written texts, and other stuff that had been left behind, because our past births and memories emerge now so as to help us remember history. By rewriting history now, we claim our kingdom in the next Mid-Confluence. The BKs, and other Confluence Aged souls, make spiritual efforts and do service so as to claim their kingdoms in the first half cycle. However, those who re-write history now, based on the Truth, will claim their kingdom in the Mid-Confluence. At the end of the Silver Age, memories of what we had done to rewrite history would influence us to play the roles of the Copper Aged mapmakers again. Thus, we will use the mythological roles again, as we start doing things that will be brought to the end. At the end, we will use what was had left behind so as to rewrite history again. Though we are claiming our Mid-Confluence Aged kingdom, through rewriting history, there can also be a Confluence Aged service involved if we rewrite history while explaining the BK knowledge. Thus, we can also claim a kingdom in the first half cycle, while rewriting history.

Those who are involved with rewriting history, while explaining the BK knowledge, use the role of the monkey. Those who rewrite history, without explaining the BK knowledge, use the role of the cat. For more on the role of the monkey and cat, read

The Cat and the Monkeys (Vali, Sugriva and Hanuman) 

Since I am involved with rewriting history now, memories emerged during the Mid-Confluence and I began to play the role of Enki. However, ‘Enki’ does not only reflect my role in the World Drama (for the second half cycle). America is the country that will play a leading role, at the end, in the line of Enki. At the end, Russia will play a leading role for ‘Enlil and the Enlilites’ (where the Aryan-Anaryan war is concerned). A huge part of the lands in Russia were part of Bharath, during the first half cycle. What was portrayed in the Sumerian myths about Enki and Enlil also reflects what America and Russia will be involved with, at the end. America began playing a leading role for the present world. This is similar to how Enki had played a leading role, at the beginning (on earth/in the Middle East), in the Sumerian myths. Just as Enlil took over from Enki, though Enki continues to play a leading role, even Russia will begin to play a leading role (at the end). In visions, I have seen that Russia will finally do something (involving nuclear technology). This will send most of the souls back to the Soul World. This will happen as the new Golden Aged world begins in North India. North India was also part of Bharath in the Golden and Silver Ages.

During the Mid-Confluence, there were not many people/gods in the generation of the Anunnaki because the people/gods, during the earlier Anunna generation, were having problems in having children. The Anunna rulers were the parents of the Anunnaki. The Anunna rulers were trying to remain in the Quantum Dimensions. Thus, the Anunna rulers had built huge aircrafts, as big as a city; and they had taken a huge group of people in the crafts (to take care of everything in the crafts). Thus, they lived long; since they did not spend much time on earth, in the Silver Aged city-states. Therefore, there were many old people during the time of the Anunna rulers. When these people, finally, left their corporeal bodies, they took births during the generation of the mortal kings (when many children were being brought into the world through fertilization in test-tube). The huge adult population, during the time of the Anunna rulers, were divided up as the ‘people on earth’ and as the ‘people in the spacecrafts which were remaining in the Quantum Dimensions’. In the Sumerian myths, the people who were living in the Silver Aged Anunna kingdoms and who were living in the spacecrafts were portrayed as living in Nibiru. Those who were on earth were the first to leave their bodies, so as to take their births in the generation of the mortal kings (during the time of the demi-gods). The ones who were in the spacecrafts took their births later, in the generation of the mortal kings. The mortal king generation was huge because many children had been brought into the world as test-tube babies. At the end (now) all the souls, who were living during the Mid-Confluence, would be influenced by their Mid-Confluence Aged memories. Those who were part of theAnunnaki generation would have thoughts like “I was one of the gods, in ancient times” because of the memories that influence the soul (though the person may not be aware that the memories are influencing him or her). Those who belonged to the mortal king generation would, now, have thoughts like “The gods/aliens came in spacecrafts and helped the people on earth” because of the memories that influence the soul (though the person may not be aware that the memories are influencing him or her). During the Mid-Confluence, the mortal king generation were focusing their attention “towards the sky” so as to spot the gods/aliens who were helping them. So these memories would, now, influence them to turn their attention towards the sky (in an attempt to continue seeing the aliens/gods who had come from the sky). This was also a reason why the ancient rulers/gods were sending representatives into the future (including to the present time).

The present day people are not influenced by the caste system; but the ancient people were living based on the caste system. So the ancient representatives (aliens) would not interact with the mortals of the present world (if the ancient representatives/aliens had made it to the present time). As far as the ancient people were concerned, the people at the end of Kaliyug (now) are Sudras/Untouchables. This may explain why some people, who claim to have seen the aliens, say that the aliens did not treat them well. It may also explain why no alien has made any attempts to interact with us, on earth. It is as if the aliens live in another world and we live in another world. A lot of the alien-experiences, which present day people have, may also be based on the The Alien-UFO Belief-System that was begun during the Copper Age.

At the beginning of the Copper Age, the Jews had played a leading role too. This may be one reason why (from 1996) I saw visions that the Jews will be playing a role with me, on the world stage, at the end. Some of the Jews may be deity souls who play a role for the Jewish faith. They may not even be Jews in the present birth. They may have been portrayed as Jews, in my visions, so as to portray that they were the Jews during the Copper Age (who were playing a role with me, on the world stage). Other Jews may be non-deity souls who belong to the Jewish religion.

From 2012, I was also having experiences that those playing a role outside (with me) were Bhima, the Pandava in the Mahabharath story. Bhima is a role that is used by the Confluence Aged souls, even though they interact with non-Confluence Aged souls.

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NB: During the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, the soul within the founder of the Brahma Kumaris (who the BKs refer to as Brahma Baba) was playing a role which has been referred to as Enlil in the Sumerian myths. When I refer to Enlil, I am referring to this soul (when he was playing his role during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). 

2. PBK Forum  

NB: During the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, the soul within the founder of the PBK movement (Veerendra Dev Dixit) was playing a role which has been referred to as Marduk in the Sumerian myths. When I refer to Marduk, I am referring to this soul (when he was playing his role during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). 

3. Vishnu Party : 

- Youtube video "English Animation Movie - Discovery of New World":

NB: During the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, the souls within the Vishnu Party founder (Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel) and their leading members were playing a role which has been referred to as the Anunna or as Anu in the Sumerian myths. The Anunna were the last rulers, at the end of the Silver Age, of the 4 kingdoms of Bharath, Lemuria, Atlantis and Mu. When I refer to the Anunna in my articles, I am referring to these souls (when they were playing their roles during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). When I refer to Anu, I am also refering to them. However, later, Enlil took over the role of Anu when these souls stopped playing their leading roles at that time. 

4. XBK or ex-BK site

NB: This site is by those who are categorized as ex-BKs or XBKs. There are also other sites by ex-BKs. Some of these ex-BKs have been trying to ruin the image of the Brahma Kumaris, in the internet and through other ways. During the Mid-Confluence, these souls (who are now involved with these ex-BK sites) were playing a role which has been referred to as ‘anaryans’ in the Hindu myths. Some of these anaryan deity souls may be involved with their own roles for ‘human rights’. At the end, as the world transforms and they transform, the thoughts which would be influencing these souls would be those relating to ‘human rights’. Thus, when the divine world is lost, at the end of the Silver Age, the memories relating to the ‘fight for human rights’ will emerge and influence them again. Thus, they were termed as the anaryans, during the Mid-Confluence. All the other deity souls were seen as remaining as Aryans, during the Mid-Confluence. During the Mid-Confluence, the anaryan deity souls would begin to have the views that even they and others should be able to enjoy the rights which the royalty were having. They would have the views that even they and others should be able to do and enjoy what the royalty were ‘doing and enjoying’. They would think that even they and others should be entitled to rule and play the role of a god (and not just the royalty). Thus, during the Mid-Confluence, the anaryans also wanted to go into the Quantum Dimensions and remain there (as the royalty were entitled to do). The anaryans were trying to take over the spaceports from the Aryans/Anunnaki. So the Anunnaki destroyed all the spaceports to make sure that the advanced sciences do not go into the wrong hands and get misused. What the Anaryans did, paved the way for human rights. So the world became like what it is now. At the end of the cycle, the Aryan deity souls establish the Brahma Kumaris and are referred to as BKs. Some of the anaryan deity souls were influenced to flow along with Lekhraj (the founder of the Brahma Kumaris) since they are deity souls. Thus, some anaryan deity souls were involved with the Om Mandali (what the BK gathering was called before they established the Brahma Kumaris). Then, the anaryan deity souls were influenced by their memories, to fight for rights again. And they will fight against the Aryan deity souls (who are BKs now) ‘for rights’ again. Thus, the Aryan-Anaryan battle continues, even at the end. Other anaryan deity souls kept coming into the Brahma Kumaris, since they are deity souls. With time, their memories (of what they had done in the Copper Age) will also emerge to influence them. So the Aryan-Anaryan fight continues until the end of the cycle, before the Aryan-Anaryan battle comes to an end as the world transforms into the Golden Aged world. The anaryan deity souls are also playing their roles, as per the World Drama. However, at the end (now) what the Anaryan deity souls do is not going to get the world transformed into the Golden Aged world. It is the teachings that are taught in the Brahma Kumaris and the BK gathering which will be playing a role, with God, for world transformation. There are also other Confluence Aged souls, outside the Brahma Kumaris, who are involved with World Transformation; but it is the role of the Brahma Kumaris to make sure that the 900,000 deity souls are ready for world transformation. God says that we have to give up all our ‘human/mortal rights’ and do as we are told by God, so as to become God’s instruments. We are trained to become like God’s puppets who are moved by the strings (link to God). What the XBKs ‘churn on’ will be based on the Aryan-Anaryan battle that takes place, during every cycle, as per the World Drama. What the BKs churn on will bring about World Transformation. All of us have our own roles to play. What we ‘churn on’ reflects our roles. During the Mid-Confluence, the anaryan deity-souls (who are now involved with the ex-BK sites) began to influence others. Thus, the Anaryans began to include more people than these souls. When I refer to anaryans in my articles, I am also referring to these souls (who are now classified as ex-BKs) and all the others who were influenced by them. 

5. The following are other relevant web-sites, forums etc. Some of those participating in the following sites may have been deity souls who were playing a role, in ancient times, to get everything organised for leaving behind evidences such as pyramids etc. so that they can be explained at the end (now) as I am doing now. These memories etc. would be influencing them to explain and guide the people now.


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3. the ordinary world of the second half cycle: involving the Copper  Age (Dwapuryug) and then the Iron Age (Kaliyug).

4. the Confluence Age (at the end, now): through which the world is transformed back into the divine Golden Aged world